Karndean Vinyl

Karndean Vinyl

Karndean Vinyl in Santa Barbara, CA

More and more homeowners are turning to vinyl for their flooring projects, and it’s easy to see why. Vinyl is an excellent alternative to “natural,” traditional flooring materials like stone and wood, offering more in the way of durability and longevity.

However, if you’re unsure which manufacturer to go with, our showroom can help you decide. We always recommend Karndean vinyl in Santa Barbara, CA, especially when quality and aesthetics are must-haves for you and your family. Stop by today to see what we have in stock and explore your options.

Why Choose Karndean?

Treat yourself to flooring that looks as good as it performs, even after years of regular use. Karndean flooring consists of realistic vinyl that stands up to the test of time. Bring home floors that imitate the appearance of your favorite “natural” materials – slate, hardwood, and limestone, for example – and never worry about hard knocks or scrapes damaging its good looks.

Additionally, because Karndean vinyl flooring is durable, you never have to worry about refinishing or sealing it. Just let our contractors install it in your home, then start using it – it’s that simple.

We can’t talk about Karndean vinyl without talking about maintenance – or the lack thereof. Yes, with these unique floors, you’ll enjoy freedom from the daily sweeping or vacuuming that accompanies so many other types of flooring. All vinyl needs is an occasional mopping to look its best.

Professional Installation is Available

Make the right choice for your new Karndean flooring by opting for professional installation services. Our team has the skills and equipment needed to lay down floors of all kinds and ensure they perform to your satisfaction. Reach out to schedule installation at your home and rest easy knowing we’ll always treat your living space with the respect it deserves.

Contact us or visit our showroom to find out more about high-end Karndean vinyl flooring. We proudly serve residents of Santa Barbara, California, and nearby areas.


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